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Eternal Bonding

posted 7.26.2019

Eternal Bonding
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26th Jul 2019, 12:00 AM

Lady Tisi

"Oh, you want an objection?! Well I have plenty, you custard-coated jobby of a floater! Someone must have stolen my invitation to this little [fae speak] because I know my adorable sapling of a man would have NEVER allowed such a union to take place! And I know my precious, beautiful sapling of a warmed popato would never have any desire to be bonded to anyone else but her lovely branch! To think that two saplings would conspire to grow outside of the comforting shade of their branch would be preposterous! And in such a droll, lifeless place, no less! Is this truly the best that this land could offer for such a union between two precious saplings These colors are all off, the symmetry is abhorrent and the attendants akin to floppy-haired nonces! Nay, a true union on a proper world beyond the rift would have everyone leaping and hopping and DANCING for DAYS AND DAYS!"

Cast - Moogle, Tisi, Haft, Sonomaa, Ky, Silvarincia, Meenai and Feo Ul

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